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What I Tried Today

When I moved here last June I brought my bike with me.  That same bike has been tethered to my porch the entire year I’ve been here.  I’ve been terrified to ride it anywhere because of the busy roads, and I think I’ve also been afraid of finding myself stranded because I’m too tired to ride home.  That happened to me once in college.  I got the grand idea of riding my bike into town despite the fact that I hadn’t been on my bike in years, and I found myself complete spent, hiding my bike in one of the dorms, and taking the bus back to my apartment.  Thank goodness I had that option.

It dawned on me the other day that the gym is only a mile and a half away, fairly flat, and I can ride on the sidewalks all the way.  So guess what I did today!  I biked to the gym!  Oh my goodness it was hard.  Apparently it’s uphill the entire way there, and my friend informed me in a conversation afterward that I have been using the gears incorrectly my entire life (but I thought the high gears were for going uphill!)  My heart was racing and by the time I got on the treadmill my heart rate would not go down and I could only run very slowly, but it felt great to know that I could do it!  I’m not going to do that every time only because I don’t want to wear myself out, but I figure I’ll start with riding my bike to the gym and back once a week to build some endurance.  My quads were really angry with me today, but they were also extremely proud, and maybe now I won’t be so scared of my bike!  : )



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