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Everything Is Clicking

Everything seems to be clicking for me these past few days!

In my yoga classes I’ve really been struggling with my breathing.  As a singer you think I’d have this breathing thing under control, but I haven’t been singing nearly as much so my breathing muscles are weak!  In yoga I noticed I really struggle with exhaling.  I feel like all my breath comes out at once and I’m stuck.  By the time she’s told us to inhale and exhale, I’ve already done that two or three times myself!  On Saturday in class she said “breathe so you can hear it” and something about that statement clicked with me and I realized two things: inhalation and exhalation don’t happen in the same place and there needs to be some resistance in exhalation.  While my inhalation happens in the nostrils, I focused on my exhalation being in my throat, much like singing, and by golly it worked!  Bam!  Just like that!

Starting last Thursday I also started figuring things out with my running.  I remember hearing various things about keeping a slight forward position of the body while running.  Someone once described it to me as feeling like I might fall forward, but I catch myself with the next step.  I also saw a similar technique on Fit TV once where they were talking about Chi Running.  The principle seems to be (and correct me if I’m wrong) that if you align yourself slightly forward while you run, you’re not going to expend as much energy trying to get yourself to physically move forward.  It worked for me!  The past coupe of runs I’ve done I’ve really focused on keeping an energetic forward momentum (that’s the best I can think to describe it) and I feel like I’ve been a lot less tired.  I’ve also been coming to the realization that I don’t need to worry about speed.  Yes I can run between a 9-10 minute mile, but is that comfortable for me to sustain for long distances?  Absolutely not.  I feel much more comfortable between 11 and 11:30 minute miles and that’s OK.  I feel so much better for it and I’ve had some really great runs recently because of it!

Lastly, I really feel like things are clicking with my teaching.  I finally feel like I’m not just pulling lessons out of my butt each week and like I really have a plan.  As a result I feel like I’m reaching the kids and they’re really loving music class.  I also finally feel like my personality is coming out with my kids.  Today I was just having fun and it was OK!  My kids were great!

Well, this is going to be a short, not-very-well-put-together post because I’m actually tired (which is quite remarkable considering how energized I’ve been!) so I’m going to try to get into bed before I get a second wind.  I haven’t been sleeping well so I want to actually fall asleep tonight!  I guess I’ll leave with a quick quote from one of my first graders.  This really made my day!

“Ms. Sanyshyn!  You always pick the funnest songs for us to sing!”

I ❤ ❤ ❤ my job!


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