Small Victories

I’ve always heard people say that when you go out to eat you should order a to-go box with your meal and put half of it away before you even start eating, but I’ve never done it because I didn’t want to be THAT person. Today my church group was going out to dinner at Red Robin. I looked up all the nutrition beforehand and came up with a meal that I could eat. I got my favourite burger, the Whiskey River BBQ burger and made quite a few changes. Of course, being vegetarian, I got the garden burger. I swapped the sesame bun for whole wheat and asked for no mayo. I also traded the fried onions for sauteed onions. All these things cut this burger down from a 1000+ burger to a 500 calorie burger. I did mean to ask for no cheese which would have brought it down even more, but I forgot. I calculated that if I got the burger and sweet potato fries and put half of it in the box, I could enjoy a meal out for 500-600 calories. With the cheese it did end up being a but more than that, but still better than the almost 2000 calories I would have consumed if I ate the entire burger and all the fries (which I’ve done in the past!) emoticon

I tried to eat slowly, which is hard for me. I inhale my food. I forced myself to put my food down between each bite and really focused on chewing. it only took me a few bites to eat my half of the burger which made me kind of sad. It was so tempting to open my box and start eating the other half, but after about 15 minutes of talking myself out of doing this, I felt full. So now I know that if I give my body time to respond, I will not want any more food! I’ve never really experienced that because I grew up eating until I was stuffed, and that’s how I got to being overweight. emoticon So today was a small victory for me!


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