Reflection on Thanksgiving

I ate a lot this week. I gained a couple of pounds. But I think that this is still an improvement on years passed. On Thanksgiving day I only allowed myself one plate of food. I was very full, but I didn’t feel sick like I usually do. In the past I’ve eaten until I felt like I was going throw up, but this year I felt like I had more control. I told myself ahead of time what I was going to eat and I didn’t eat any more.

My hope was to only not track my food on Thanksgiving, but with my boyfriend visiting, my parents visiting, and two birthday parties to go to, there was a lot of eating going on. Although I will say that all together I felt much more in control over my eating than usual.

There was also no working out this week. Lack of sleep, crazy schedule meeting family and friends. But this week I go back to school and will be on my normal schedule, able to get back to my routine.


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Filed under Goal setting, Healthy Eating

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