Healthy Eating While Traveling

This weekend is the North Carolina Music Educators conference and I’ll be away from home for 4 nights. Although the school will pay for my meals, I don’t want to eat out every day and gain back 5 pounds in one weekend! Last year I had the intention of eating well and I brought some things only to find I didn’t have a fridge in my room. This year I called ahead and they said they couldn’t promise a fridge so I did some planning. I bought a bunch of fruit and veggies, have PB&J, got a couple frozen pot pies and burritos, brought cereal (already measured out in tupperware containers since I don’t have bowls here), oatmeal, and organic toaster pastries. My plan was to keep everything in my cooler and keep putting ice in it, but when I asked at the desk today they said they should be able to get me a fridge tomorrow morning, so my plan should work! If I have to eat out once or twice, fine. That’s a whole lot better than for every meal for 4 days!

I also decided to pamper myself. I brought my sea salt and natural oil exfoliant and natural facial and took a bath. I NEVER take baths. Now I feel all oily and soft. It’s so nice! Now I’m going to curl up with a book in the crisp hotel sheets and read a book before going to bed. What a nice treat!


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  1. David

    “Crisp hotel sheets” … is there anything better!

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