A rough start to my final week

A little embarrassing given how well I’ve been doing, but I need to be frank with myself…

So, Saturday I didn’t eat the greatest. Sunday I had good intentions but ended up snacking a bit at the end of the day even thought I wasn’t hungry. I’m suddenly getting a sweet tooth for EVERYTHING. Yesterday at school I fell into the sweet trap when there were cupcakes in the teacher’s lounge (I ate more than one) and a student gave me a cake pop. i also found the candy basket that I forgot I had for my students and ate way too many Hershey Kisses (I don’t even like them!).

Today didn’t start out the greatest when I didn’t eat breakfast at home. I attempted to make a smoothie which took forever because, first of all, I froze bananas WITH the peel on, so it took forever to get the peel off (DUH!!!) and my blender is a piece of poop so it took about 10 minutes to finally get the smoothie smooth. By the time I finished all that I was running so late that I was thankful for the fact that I had a portable breakfast that I could take in the car, but by the time I got around to eating it more than an hour had passed since I woke up. If I don’t eat soon after I wake up I start feeling woozy. On top of that I’m adjusting to new medicine that is making me feel dizzy and emotional. I got to school and felt like I was going to fall over and the smoothie just wasn’t cutting it, so I started eating pretzel rods that I found in the teacher’s lounge. Later that evening I once again fell into the sweet tooth trap with handfuls of candy corn from the lounge and by finishing off the Hershey Kisses in my basket. Yikes!

I like to say in my head that I couldn’t control what I was doing. I don’t like to take responsibility for making silly choices. But the fact of the matter is that I DO have control. I chose to eat the candy corn. I chose to eat the cupcakes and the kisses. I chose to consume over 2000 calories today. Thank God I made myself face it by tracking all the junk I ate today. I chose to do all of this and my weight showed it today. To add to everything today I didn’t get in my yoga workout. I forgot that I had to stay in school today for Show Off Night and I didn’t get home until 8ish. When I got home I chose to do laundry so I have clean workout clothes tomorrow, to unload the dishwasher, to prepare my food for tomorrow, and to blog about today (a.k.a. holding myself accountable and being honest with myself) over getting in even a short yoga workout.

I’m not writing all of this to whine and complain about my choices. I’m writing simply to be honest with myself and say “Hey, Tamara, you haven’t been making the smartest choices. Get it together, girl!” As soon as I click “Post Blog Entry” I’m going to print out some pictures that remind me of my rewards and goals and I’m going to tape them on my refrigerator. Picture to come…


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