“Fall Into Shape” Week 4

Weekly Stats:

Last Week’s Weight: 147.6
This Morning’s Weight: 145.4
Lowest Weight This Week: 145.4

Going into this last week of my boot camp with a pretty good start. I haven’t seen the 145s in a long time so that was very pleasing to me! I want to start out by talking about my run today. It was really cold out but I put on two pairs of pants and a tank top under my long sleeved shirt. I should have put on two long sleeved shirts since I was pretty chilly and the wind kept blowing right through to my arms, but after the first 15 minutes I warmed up. emoticon I was running around my neighbourhood, which is always challenging because there are some pretty intense hills, but I felt awesome and wanted to go and go. I felt like I was running faster than usual and my HR was quite elevated at some points because of the hills, but if it got too high I would stop and walk for 20 seconds to get it back down to a manageable place. I went a different route than usual and had no idea how far I was going. My usual route is 2 miles, but when I came back to my apartment and mapped my route I had gone 3 miles total including my walking warm-up and cool-down. Calculating my pace I found that I had run about 5.3 mph and a pace of 11:20 min/mile as opposed to my usual 12 min/mile. Holy moly! emoticon But I felt awesome! I guess all that running is paying off, especially starting to add some hill and interval workouts and being sure I get out for an outdoor run once a week.

I do need to figure something out for my Saturdays. I didn’t make it to the muscle class that I had thought of going to because I was SOOO tired yesterday morning. Didn’t go to Pilates either because of the time. Last night I came up with some shorter strength workouts using dumbells, mats, or the machines at the gym, and I’m going to try to do one of those each time I go to the gym for a run. I have a pretty intense yoga video and a Pilates video as well as 30 Day Shred and some other strength based videos, so if I can’t go to a class I can still get in some quality ST. Saturday may end up turning into another rest day for me or an optional day, which is fine by me. I’m still getting plenty of workout time and calorie burning throughout the week.

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