Goals and Rewards

Rewards work. I see it every day in my classroom. Students are motivated to behave and do well if they know there is a possibility of a reward – even something as small as a sticker. They’ll work even harder to reach a long-term goal, like getting to go to the treasure box at the end of the week. Who says adults can’t be motivated to make positive choices in the same way? No stickers here, but I’m getting some rewards set up for myself to keep me motivated even when I’m going through the frustrating times like this past week.

145 – Scarf
142.5 – Earrings
140 – Teavana tea
137.5 – Kitchen gadget
135 – Something for my apartment (from Anthropologie?)
132.5 – A new cookbook
130 – Tom’s or some other fun type of sneaker

Not sure what to put for the last one. Any ideas? As an added bonus my boyfriend has kindly offered to treat me to dinner if I make it down to 140 before he leaves to go back to school after Christmas break. That’s sometime in early January. I have the best boyfriend. emoticon

I’m also going to make a motivational poster and let myself write a compliment for each pound I lose. I’m also making myself a little raffle drawing with little things I can do for each pound lost. For example, home pedicure, allowing myself a special treat (within reason, obviously emoticon)…and that’s all I can think of right now. Once again, any ideas? emoticon

The final thing is that i keep thinking about getting a Garmin but I don’t want to spend the money unless I really get into long distances, so I said that once I participate in a 10K race, I can let myself buy a Garmin. Woohoo! emoticon


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