“Fall Into Shape” Week 2

Weekly Stats:

Last week’s weight: 147.5
Weight this morning: 146.8
Lowest weight of the week 146
(If I go down below 146 I’ll be seeing numbers I haven’t seen in a long time!)

At the moment I can’t find my tape measure so I won’t be having any waist or hip measurements. I accomplished all my goals this week except for setting up my treadmill. As I mentioned in a past blog, I had a really tough time doing yoga on Tuesday because I was so tired and felt like poo (I think it was my flu shot) but I made myself start with at least 20 minutes and only did really easy stretching yoga. Today I also had a hard time getting myself going for my run. I usually run first thing in the morning on Sundays so I can get it done, but I had to go to church this morning to be a representative for a welcome breakfast, so my schedule got all mixed up. On top of that I’m PMSing so I’m a bit more tired than usual and kind of grumpy, so I just didn’t want to run! But I made myself run around my neighbourhood. I ran entirely too hard. For some reason I always run faster when I’m outside and don’t have the treadmill to pace me and then it’s almost too much. I’m not very good at pacing myself. On top of that there are some pretty decent hills around here. But I had a really good run and was in a much better mood afterward.

I have most of my meals prepared for the week. I just need to make my mac and cheese on Tuesday. I’ve been craving mac and cheese, so I found a recipe on Spark Recipes and decided to add some mixed frozen veggies. Yum! Also on the menu for this week I have eggplant parm, bean stew, and omelets.

My schedule this week is going to stay the same. I tried out the Pilates class and really like it. It was tough and I’m really sore today. My abs, shoulders, and back are all hurting when I move, but that’s a good thing. emoticon

Yesterday I tracked my food the whole day but made a note that I stopped tracking toward the end of the night. I went to the NC State Fair and had some treats there. Don’t worry, I didn’t have any deep fried twinkies or anything crazy like that. Just the thought of it was disgusting! I did kind of want to try a deep fried Reese’s cup just to see what that would taste like. I was thinking of splitting one with a friend, but I got a frozen banana instead. Yes it’s dipped in chocolate and covered in peanuts, but it’s a once-a-year thing and at least has some nutritional value. Bananas and peanuts are both good for you! emoticon Other than that I got some corn on the cob and sweet potato fries. Yumm! Not to mention, we parked a mile and a half from the fair and walked there and back…PLUS all the walking we did around the fair itself.

I noticed this week that my appetite is incredible. Once I start teaching again and spending my entire day bouncing around on my feet, I feel like I’m constantly starving. Also, after tracking all my workouts, SP kicked my nutrition range up into the 1400-1700s range. MUCH better.



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2 responses to ““Fall Into Shape” Week 2

  1. Cyril

    You should add fresh Broccoli to your Mac & Cheese…way better than frozen veggies 🙂

  2. Yes, I agree. I actually don’t know why I bought frozen. LOL Maybe because I was looking for a mix? haha Apparently I wasn’t really thinking when I planned that.

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