“Fall Into Shape” Week 1

Tomorrow I’ll be starting week one of my personal boot camp. I’m posting my starting stats tonight since I won’t have time tomorrow. Mondays are crazy busy for me! Some good news is that this week I went down a couple of pounds without any exercise just because I’ve been diligently measuring and tracking my food, so I have good feelings about these next four weeks when I throw exercise back into the picture! I let myself sleep a ton and I think this stupid cold is finally gone. I’m feeling a million times better!

Starting Stats:

Weight: 147.5
Waist: 35
Hips: 40

Schedule for the week:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Do 3 20-minute segments of my yoga DVD
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Rest (voice lesson)
Friday: Run
Saturday: Pilates at YMCA
Sunday: Run

My other goal is to get my desk taken apart and my treadmill set up. I had looked into some ellipticals but I just couldn’t spend the money knowing that I have something comparable in my storage unit. Also, anything worth looking at was big and heavy and I had no idea how I’d get it into my Yaris or my 2nd floor apartment. So, alas, I will be setting up the treadmill that I hate, but it’s better than nothing. One good thing about my treadmill is that it’s so cheap it only works on an incline, and a pretty significant one at that, so extra calories burned! Whoot! The only thing I anticipate being a problem is that it’s really loud, so even though I want to use it when watching TV, I might not be able to hear anything. Well, we’ll see how it works. If it doesn’t work the way I want it to, then I can always take it apart and look for an elliptical again, knowing this time that it’s worth spending the money.



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2 responses to ““Fall Into Shape” Week 1

  1. David

    Thought that said “Pirates at YMCA” – haha.

  2. Argh, matey! It be a new aerobics class!

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