Today I ran faster!

Today I ran only a mile, but I ran it faster.  Normally I run around a 12-minute mile, but today I bumped the treadmill up a couple of notches and was able to run an 11:30-minute mile.  Woohoo!  Perhaps it’s the excitement at the thought of tomorrow being the last day of school, or maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve actually been sticking to my running schedule since the last post I made.  Imagine that!  : )  The true test will be next week when I go home for a week.  Where I grew up there are no good places to run.  The road I live on is a huge no-no since there is no shoulder and people fly down the street.  The park down the road is all very rough trails and I’d be asking for a broken ankle if I ran on them (which I actually tried when I was home in September and did almost end up with a broken ankle).  I could always go run on the track at the high school.  I guess that’s where we’ll find out how dedicated I am!


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