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Power Breakfast

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of sugar and a lot of really heavy rich foods.  I think a lot of that has been due to the stress of this past track.  I’ve eaten out a lot and my diet has been less than stellar, and I can feel my body screaming at me.  As a result I have been craving a mostly vegan diet including a ton of foods I normally don’t ever want to eat.  Now that I’m tracked out and my parents’ visit is done, I’ll be doing a two-week detox and will most likely eat a mostly vegan diet.  The other day I woke up and instead of wanting my usual breakfast…

Usual Breakfast

This breakfast includes a whole wheat English muffin with butter, not margarine, a hard-boiled egg, a bowl of mixed fruit (in this case pineapple, strawberries, and kiwi), and a glass of orange juice.  All my breakfasts are structured this way.  Whole grain carb, usually toast, an English muffin, or waffles/pancakes.  Then I’ll have a protein of some sort.  Sometimes it’s cheese on on apple, cottage cheese, or more likely a hard-boiled egg.  Lastly I have a fruit and always a glass of orange juice.  But when I woke up the other day all I wanted was this…

New Breakfast!

First of all, as a kid I hated oatmeal.  Eating oatmeal is a recent development, but when I do I usually mix in brown sugar and maple syrup.  The thought of mixing in fruit and nuts was just nasty.  But it’s delicious – and filling! I’ll cook a half cup oatmeal in a bowl for about a minute, then add a sliced banana and a hand full of almonds and cook for another minute and 30 seconds.  Yummm!  And talk about a nice way to get rid of ripe bananas!


I can’t get enough of this breakfast and I’m inspired to try new oatmeal concoctions!  Anyone have any suggestions of their favourite ways to eat oatmeal?


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