New Shoes! And some encouragement…

I wrote this earlier this week (before the next illness) and forgot to publish it…whoops!

Went to Raleigh Running Outfitters this weekend and bought myself a new pair of running shoes.  I’ve had the same pair of shoes for about a year and a half and I figured it was time for 1) a new pair and 2) to get my gait analyzed so I have the right shoes before I launch out on this half marathon thing again.  Turns out I have a lot of pronation, which is interesting considering the fact that I always thought I had high arches.  But this makes a lot of sense about why my knees were killing me those first few weeks I was upping mileage.  So I bought a pair of stability shoes.  They look like space boots, but I tested them out yesterday and I felt a lot less wobbly while running.  The one problem was that my wide feet started cramping up as though the shoes were too tight.  They didn’t feel that way when I tried them on, so maybe I laced them too tightly.  I’ll try them out a few more times and if it’s still happening, I’ll take them back and see if I can exchange them.

I also thought that buying new running shoes might be a nice bit of encouragement to slowly, but surely, get back into my training.  I’m making sure to take it slow, maybe even too slow, to be certain that I don’t burn myself out.  I’m starting with barely running to build my body back up and doing a lot of walking in the meantime.  I’m still pretty tired and need my 2 1/2 weeks of break to refresh me.  Yesterday I walked one mile and ran one mile.  Mentally I wanted to go more, but my body was not digging that idea, so I left the lake and went home.  It was a lot for me to tell myself that I only have to do one lap around the lake.  That my workout doesn’t have to last for an hour.  That’s it’s OK to only cover 1 mile running.  All of that is perfectly acceptable!  And for some reason I can’t understand that without reminding myself a million times.  Oh well.  These are lessons I need to learn, I suppose.  Gotta keep moving, no matter how little…


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