And the winner for the latest pathogen I’ve contracted is…

Strep throat!

Dear Immune System,

You officially stink at fighting off infections.  I’m done with being sick.  You have two and a half weeks to get back on track here before the last track of school starts.  I expect to be able to get through a week of school without feeling utterly exhausted.  I expect to be able to run.  I expect to be able to do the things I planned on doing and already paid for.  If your performance ratings don’t improve, I’m firing you.

❤ Tamara

Oy!  I’m convinced my body’s immune system is broken.  I was finally feeling alright and then yesterday I woke up with a congested nose and this morning with sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and zero energy.  I thought that maybe it might be mono since this is how I remember feeling the first time I got it.  I still have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get the mono test back, but I’m hoping since strep came back positive that’s all it is.  Thank goodness I’m getting sick during my track-out, although I did leave school early today to go to the doctor.  This better be it for being sick for the year.  This track has been ROUGH!  I’m so frustrated from being so sick!  I was supposed to go to a hockey game tonight but that won’t be happening.  Bummer.  Well, off to rest.  I’m laying in bed right now and feel like I can’t move.  I’ll hopefully fall asleep soon despite the fact that it’s 3:30 in the afternoon.  haha



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3 responses to “And the winner for the latest pathogen I’ve contracted is…

  1. Nancy M

    Enough already, immune system! Maybe it needs to be pampered–a day of oj and miso soup?? Take it on vacation with some hot tea with lemon and honey ( or maple syrup, as the vegan case may be ) ?
    I hope you feel much better today!

  2. Seriously! I don’t know what is up. I’ve done everything in my power to keep from getting sick. OJ, immunity blend vitamins, emergen-c, tea. Oy!

  3. Neelabh

    Sorry you are sick :(…hope you feel better soon…

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