Week 3 Training Recap

Monday: Planned – 3 miles; Actual – 3 miles (on treadmill)

Tuesday: Planned – Track Workout; Actual – Track Workout. This was a lot of fun and quite a challenge, but I was able to keep up on the sprints with the faster runners I was running with.  It was nice to have that little push!

Wednesday: Planned – Yoga + CX 30 min; Actual – Living room yoga workout. I was have a bit of a stress and exhaustion crisis, so I took the evening off.  I got a lot done around my apartment, like cooking and cleaning, and did a bit of yoga in my living room to relax myself.

Thursday: Planned – REST; Actual – 20 minutes walk on elliptical. I was contemplating going to the gym to make up for the night before, but I was still thoroughly exhausted. In order to make myself not feel completely guilty, I said I’d stop at the gym on the way home but not set any time or distance goals for myself.  I’d just jump on a machine and see what I could do.  So I hopped on an elliptical and walked for 20 minutes.  Didn’t break a sweat or anything, but I got my mind centered and relaxed.  I was able to go home and actually spend the evening doing nothing.  For the first time in weeks I just sat in front of my computer watching episodes of Modern Family on Hulu.  I went to bed at 8:30 and finally felt refreshed the next morning.  Sometimes being a couch potato is necessary!

Friday: Planned – REST; Actual – 4 miles long run. I did my planned long run on Friday because I had a party to go to Friday night and knew there was no way I’d be running the next day.  I’m relieved to see that I had rest planned on Friday because it’s a recovery week.  I my head I was thinking that I was missing another workout because I usually have 60 minute cross-training built in on Fridays, but apparently not this week!  Alleluia!

Saturday: Planned – Yoga + 4 miles; Actual – Living Room Yoga. As I said, I did my long run on Friday (yay planning ahead!) and didn’t wake up in time for yoga, so I once again did some impromptu living room yoga.  It’s funny when I do living room yoga, because I’m so sick of the DVDs I used to do, I just make it up as I go along.  I know it’s hilarious and probably makes no sense in the world of yoga, but I told myself I need to get over myself and my need to do things by the book and just go with it!  So I do whatever feels right in the moment.  I still got a good stretch, especially by throwing a pigeon (with the forward fold) in there!



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2 responses to “Week 3 Training Recap

  1. JoannaP

    You rocked your first track workout! I hope to see you out there again soon.

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