Week 1 Training Recap

So my entries have dwindled because life has taken off full-swing.  I can’t believe I’ve already finished two weeks of teaching, although it was a weird start to the school track with two snow days the first week and Martin Luther King Day the second.  But, nevertheless, two weeks down, eight to go!  A lot of unexpected, a.k.a. forgotten, things happened this week, requiring me to shuffle some of my workouts, but overall a good week despite the fact that hormones went haywire and I was exhausted, couldn’t stop eating, and wanted to cry the entire week.

Monday: Planned – 3 mile run; Actual – One hour in the pool experimenting with swimming.

A member of the running group I joined sent out an e-mail Sunday night saying she was going to be at the pool 9:30 Monday morning and wondered if anyone wanted to come along.  Since I had been entertaining the idea of adding swimming to my schedule for cross-training purposes, I figured I should join her.  I had never been a strong swimmer and, really, my only lap swimming experiences were in gym class.  I jumped in the pool and tried a freestyle lap and felt like I was dying, so she worked with me to help me with my stroke.  I did some kick board work and some buoy work to isolate the parts of the stroke.  By the last few laps I did I was much better off, but still extremely slow and sloppy compared to the usual lappers at the pool.  This is the main reason I’ve been reluctant to go, but I thought that going along with my year-of-no-fear theme, I should suck it up and try.  I’m glad I did because I feel much more comfortable after having her help and I realized that swimming is a million times more enjoyable than swimming and that I really must hate spinning.  Yes, swimming was difficult and challenging, but I wasn’t detesting every minute of it.

Tuesday: Planned – Track workout with running group; Actual – Nothing

I forgot that we had Open House at school that night from 6-7.  Open house was at 7.  I work too far to go home and use the gym, so instead I stayed at school and got work done.  This made me sad, but I’m not going to beat myself up for it.  I’ll start going to the track runs next week.

Wednesday: Planned – Yoga + 30 minute cross train; Actual – Yoga + 3 mile run

What I ended up doing here was swapping the run from Monday with the cross training from Wednesday.  This was a rough day emotionally (thank you hormones!) and I actually started crying during meditation in yoga.  I desperately didn’t want to do my run, but I said to myself “Tamara.  OK.  You’re already at the gym.  Just do it!”  It was hard, but I made it through.  This was my first run using the heart rate monitor that someone generously donated to me.  Watching my heart rate really helped.  I learned that I need to run much more slowly (which I was already realizing the couple of weeks before I got the HRM) so I don’t exhaust myself.  I found myself running around 11:30 and this was a good pace for me.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Planned – 60 min CX + Core; Actual – 5 mile long run

Here’s the deal with Friday.  I realized yesterday that today there was a seminar that I should go to in order to learn more music teacher stuff.  But I didn’t really want to go because Saturday is my day for me to work out and get stuff done so Sunday I can relax.  And I didn’t really want to spend $40, so I was going to keep my workouts as planned.  I stopped at the gym on the way home from work to do the elliptical and to swim only to realize that I forgot sock and that I had my broken bathing suit with me.  I went home to get everything knowing that I wouldn’t want to go back.  Of course I spent an hour on the phone, putzing around.  By the time I would have gotten back to the gym the swimming lanes would have been really busy.  Yeah, yeah, I said year-of-no-fear, but I’m am so slow and this would only be my second time.  I don’t want to be there trying to figure out what I’m doing while there are four people to a lane cruising past me.  The only thing I’d accomplish that way is pissing a lot of people off, so I’ll wait until there’s a time when not many people are at the pool, thankyouverymuch.  I didn’t have time to wait until that non-busy time because I had to be somewhere at 7.  After being on the phone with my teacher friend, she convinced me that I should go to the seminar, so I decided to go run my 5 miles even though I was already late for my get together.  Running 5 miles on a treadmill was dreadful.  I can tell I’m getting sick of the treadmill and can’t wait for it to be spring again.  It’s not that it’s really all that cold to be running outside, just too dark.  Come back, sunlight!  I’m a little worried because my knees really hurt after this run.  My knees never really bother me, but maybe because I was tired I was being sloppy and running differently?  They’re still sore today, so I hope I don’t end up killing them.  : (

Saturday: Planned – Yoga + 5 miles; Actual – None Obviously, I did my 5 miler the night before, but the yoga didn’t happen because I was out until 4:30.  It’s not often that I go out and have a lot of fun, but there was a young adults group thing at my church and after a bunch of us went dancing at a bar downtown.  I haven’t had that much fun in forever, but I obviously got home late and was a little dehydrated from having a couple drinks.  So, maybe not the best choice, and I probably won’t be doing this again up until the half marathon, but it’s not something I do often and I made some new friends.  Not to mention I probably burned some mucho calories bouncing around on the dance floor.  : )  I did set my alarm for yoga just in case I felt alright, but when it went off I definitely needed to sleep still.  And, as you can probably guess, I didn’t go to the seminar.  I didn’t want to go anyway and I’m glad I didn’t.  I got a lot of stuff done today!

Sunday: Planned – Rest; What I’ll Probably Do – go get that cross-training done that I was supposed to do Friday.

Then it’s off to week two, peaking at 6 miles!  No unexpected events this week, so it should be smooth sailing.  Happy moving, everyone!


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