Ways To Live Without Fear

I just e-mailed 8 complete strangers about running.  Why would I do that?  Because I paid $60 to be part of a running group and the coach encouraged us to contact people in the group with similar paces and goals.  A year ago (or even a couple of months ago!) I would have said “Why the heck would I contact someone who doesn’t know me?  Isn’t it annoying to find random e-mails in your inbox from people asking for your help?”  Well, yeah, maybe it is for some people, but who cares.  You never have to see them again.  I need help, I want to find people to run with, and this is a way of doing just that.  Take a risk, Tamara!  Send those e-mails out!  If no one e-mails you back, then you can at least say you tried.  And if someone does e-mail back, maybe you’ll find a running partner.  And if you find a running partner, then you have another person to be accountable to.  And if you have another person to be accountable to, your chances of success are exponentially greater.  See how this works?  Stepping out of your comfort zone is good.  Living without the fear of being “annoying” (heaven forbid I annoy someone!) is good!  Woohoo!

Keep smiling, keep moving, keep living!


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One response to “Ways To Live Without Fear

  1. isabelle31

    Much like I think spinners are brave, I also think runners are brave. Good for you!

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