Everyone has a story…

For some reason this week has been a challenge with everything.  I hope this isn’t indicative of the year ahead!  I mean, obviously I expect running 13.1 miles is not going to be an easy task – that’s why it’s my goal for the year.  But, good heavens, everything that was easy doesn’t suddenly need to be treacherous!  I could barely do a downward dog tonight without being lopsided.  Yet somehow I still felt absolutely refreshed and still after yoga.

I was due to run 3-miles today also, but I decided to push it off until tomorrow (a rest day) because I didn’t get to sleep until 4:30 last night.  Big no-no on my part.  Soon I won’t be having this problem because I’ll be forced back into a schedule when school starts, but when I have no structure in my life I turn into a night owl.  I’m convinced that my circadian rhythm is not 24 hours, because every time I have a long break I stay up at least an hour or two later than the night before and sleep at least an hour or two later than the morning before.  If I’m not careful I’ll be staying up until dawn and waking up in the afternoon.  Although I do think I have a fairly good excuse for staying up last night…I was reading a book.  It’s not often (or ever, really) that I do that, but I was at the end of Susan Jane Gilman’s Undress Me In the Temple of Heaven and could not put it down!  It’s an excellent memoir about the author traveling to The People’s Republic of China in 1986, before it became “developed”.  Book 1 of 20 down for the year!

Ever since reading Eat, Pray, Love a few years ago, I’ve been into memoirs.  I feel that memoirs, in a way, validate our existence.  It reminds me that everyone has a story to tell, and an incredible one at that.  I feel that sometimes we get so caught up in the monotony of our lives that we forget our experiences are individual and interesting, not just the experiences of those people who sit down and choose to write about it.  Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about you.  YOU have something important to say.  If we challenge ourselves to dig down, each and every one of us could find something to write about.  A memoir isn’t about telling a good story (although they almost always end up doing so simply because of the fact that they’re good stories), but about teaching lessons and finding ways to relate to others in this world through the human experience.

Still not convinced that everyone has a story?  A few months back I stumbled upon a project called StoryCorps.  What you will find on this web page is truly amazing – a collection of audio clips of “every day people” telling their stories.  These are people just like you and me.  They’re teachers, bus drivers, doctors, the homeless, the person sitting in the cubicle next to you.  Men, women, children, the elderly.  They’re mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.  And they all have a story to share.  Some made me laugh.  Some made me cry my eyes out.  Some rendered me speechless.  And each one is just as valid as the next.

So my question to you tonight is this: If you were to write a memoir or share a story with StoryCorps, what story would you tell?

I have plans to write a memoir someday about my journey away from and back to Catholicism (perhaps an entry about that in the future).  I was thinking of calling it Mysterious Ways but now I wonder if There and Back Again: A Catholic’s Tale would be more appropriate.  HAHA  (Points to you if you catch that reference)  But, in all seriousness, leave some comments with your stories.  I want to hear them! 



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3 responses to “Everyone has a story…

  1. Cyril

    First, I hadn’t known about the church relationship, I of course would be curious to know more. Second, it’s horrible what happens to life when structure goes amiss.

    My story for the day, I’ve been off my game for a while I’ve been progressing in school but have let myself not slide backwards but just stay the same and that surely isn’t good enough! So yesterday I finally did it I went to gym and just did it, I ran for 60minutes, and truly felt I could keep going then did some strength building, today 35mins and more strength building. The high my body is on if great now to not only stay afloat but also propel forward…> But it really is all about structure, school starts a week from today but my body needs to be in the schedule now and always, gym every morning, homework/studying/classes/work in between and sleep, to bed before 11:00pm so that not only my body is ready for the next but my mind too, if I haven’t slept enough I can’t work to my fullest potential causing frustration and snowballing from there (yes things can snowball in the desert)

    So with my body feeling like I’m actually starting to take care of it, all of the other work is getting done: Planning the church choir season, picking anthems the best worst part of the deal so much amazing music and just not enough time to sing all of it; Preparing for a choral orchestral concert, exciting, a new adventure with as many thrills as there are treacherous paths; Finding out I am constant for one of the rotation choirs this semester, a goal I set 3 semesters ago that I worked hard for and made happen (more detail if interested later); Getting my financial aid and booking all of the stuff to attend the ACDA National Convention on top of budgeting it through the semester and beyond; Scheduling my Graduate Oral Exams, I dont think my heart pounded that fast while I running…; all that and there is still so much more to do.

    I can’t forget to mention the part where I get to help out with the family I live with whose kids are just as adorable as can be even when they are misbehaving! Babies are so awesome, I won’t deny it, even though I’m pretty sure that’s not something to bring up on a first date, but no dates planned for the near future so I’ll keep that tucked in the back of the head….but man kids are so awesome, they not only say and do the darn’dest things but are far smarter than I think even they or we realize…their potential is just overflowing!

    The struggle, how to keep it all going, take time for yourself, take time to care about the people around you, take time to take time and make sure I’m not doing this all for myself and my dreams but so that in the end those dreams can change other people’s lives too!

    To add on to your ‘slogan,’ “Keep smiling, keep moving, and keep living…,” not only keep living but help others come into their lives!

    (Man this writing thing really makes you feel better, sorry it’s probably a bit long but I think it’s a great idea to share a story every day whether it be boring, exciting, sad, or anticipatory!)

    May the Lord bless and keep you, the Lord lift his countenance upon you and give you peace, the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. Amen.

  2. I totally listened to that song today! No way! But thanks for the awesome response! First of all, 60 minutes? That’s longer than I’ve ever run. Good for you! You can do it! Wooohooo! Second of all, I sense a story coming out of this…”Lessons Learned from Children”. I could probably help you out with that one! haha I’m glad you liked the exercise (physical and writing…lol) Hopefully more people will share. Thanks for being the brave first!

    ❤ Tamara

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