Week One Schedule

I’ve mapped out a tentative schedule for week one of my training.  I don’t have a race picked out.  All the races I found in the area coincide directly with the end of 12-weeks.  Well, Tamara, isn’t that what we’re aiming for here?  No.  With already getting 2 sinus infections this year and having a cough that lasted two months, I’d like a little bit of wiggle room.  I was thinking of doing the race during my spring track-out, but all the races are the day before school starts again.  I decided that I’ll look for a race during my summer break, but start my training now.  Then keep up the runs until the race (and run a few shorter races in the meantime).  I suppose this might be a little unorthodox, but no plan is perfect, right?  After looking up a bunch of training plans, I’ve decided I’ll give the Hal Higdon method a try, while modifying it to fit my schedule.  I like Sunday to be my rest day because it’s my church day.  So here’s what I have mapped out for this week!

Monday – 3 mile run

Tuesday – Cycle Express class + strength circuit

Wednesday – 3 mile run + yoga

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 30-minutes cross train + strength circuit (here I’m trying to figure out what to do.  I might do a 10/10/10 thing where I do three different activities for 10 minutes.  I might even give the pool a try.  Eep!)

Saturday – 4 mile run

Sunday – Rest

What I like about this plan is that it gives me the flexibility to switch up Thursday and Friday.  I know from the past few months that Thursday I’m usually ready for a rest, but if I’m planning to go out on Friday I can always move Friday to Thursday.  Or if I have a week like this week where I don’t work except for my work-day on Friday, if I get bored enough on Thursday I can always do Friday’s workout then.  : )



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2 responses to “Week One Schedule

  1. Hi! I found your link on Sparkpeople! I think that this is a wonderful idea for your blog! Good luck!!

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