Small Victories

I’ve always heard people say that when you go out to eat you should order a to-go box with your meal and put half of it away before you even start eating, but I’ve never done it because I didn’t want to be THAT person. Today my church group was going out to dinner at Red Robin. I looked up all the nutrition beforehand and came up with a meal that I could eat. I got my favourite burger, the Whiskey River BBQ burger and made quite a few changes. Of course, being vegetarian, I got the garden burger. I swapped the sesame bun for whole wheat and asked for no mayo. I also traded the fried onions for sauteed onions. All these things cut this burger down from a 1000+ burger to a 500 calorie burger. I did mean to ask for no cheese which would have brought it down even more, but I forgot. I calculated that if I got the burger and sweet potato fries and put half of it in the box, I could enjoy a meal out for 500-600 calories. With the cheese it did end up being a but more than that, but still better than the almost 2000 calories I would have consumed if I ate the entire burger and all the fries (which I’ve done in the past!) emoticon

I tried to eat slowly, which is hard for me. I inhale my food. I forced myself to put my food down between each bite and really focused on chewing. it only took me a few bites to eat my half of the burger which made me kind of sad. It was so tempting to open my box and start eating the other half, but after about 15 minutes of talking myself out of doing this, I felt full. So now I know that if I give my body time to respond, I will not want any more food! I’ve never really experienced that because I grew up eating until I was stuffed, and that’s how I got to being overweight. emoticon So today was a small victory for me!


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Reflection on Thanksgiving

I ate a lot this week. I gained a couple of pounds. But I think that this is still an improvement on years passed. On Thanksgiving day I only allowed myself one plate of food. I was very full, but I didn’t feel sick like I usually do. In the past I’ve eaten until I felt like I was going throw up, but this year I felt like I had more control. I told myself ahead of time what I was going to eat and I didn’t eat any more.

My hope was to only not track my food on Thanksgiving, but with my boyfriend visiting, my parents visiting, and two birthday parties to go to, there was a lot of eating going on. Although I will say that all together I felt much more in control over my eating than usual.

There was also no working out this week. Lack of sleep, crazy schedule meeting family and friends. But this week I go back to school and will be on my normal schedule, able to get back to my routine.

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Did I really just see that?!?

OK, here we go…I spent the entire weekend at the conference without my scale because I forgot to pack it. I was curious to see what would happen to my weight and this morning I weighed in at 144.4, which is right about where I should be. Just now when I was changing into something more comfortable I thought to myself “I wonder what I weigh right now”, so I stepped on the scale. Granted, I did just pee (a lot of pee emoticon) , but I had also just eaten dinner! Can you guess what my weight was? 143.8. I have never in my life seen my weight drop from morning to night. I almost always weigh a couple pounds more at the end of the day! CRAZY! Not only is that weird, but 143 is a new number! Territory that I have not ventured into yet. I am dancing in my seat right now because I really am making progress. I’m setting my mind to something and seeing changes happen. This is so exciting! emoticon

Anyway, wanted to talk a little bit about how I did at the hotel this weekend. Ended up having to hassle a lot of people to get a fridge. That was the beginning of a very bad experience with the hotel (the manager got an angry e-mail from me since he wasn’t even there to talk to), but I did eventually get my fridge. I did a really good job about packing meals. I did a little research of the restaurants right in town to see if there was an eating out option for me. Not to many of the restaurants are chains with nutrition info available so it was tough. Mellow Mushroom was one of the restaurants and you have to do a lot of picking around on the internet to find info. I finally found a mushroom hoagie that would fit in nicely into my plan, so I treated myself to one. My last night there my friends went to a bar so I went with them and enjoyed a beer. The strange thing was that I wasn’t craving a burger and fries like I usually do. Instead I got a side salad and some spring rolls. It was just enough to fill me up. I had to guess on a lot of the stuff, but I tracked it as best as I could and clocked in at 2000 calories that day, which was fine with me.

As far as working out, I did actually use the fitness facility once. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine there. I know I was all excited about having to walk from my hotel to the convention center (1 mile round-trip) but I forgot that it is getting dark really late and I didn’t feel safe walking at night. I walked last year, so I don’t know if I was just stupid or if daylight savings time hadn’t happened yet. I ended up driving the couple blocks and parking in the garage right across the street from the convention center. I felt absolutely ridiculous doing that, but school will cover the cost of parking and I felt a lot safer doing that. So I didn’t get in as much exercise as I had hoped, but I was proud of the fact that I used the fitness facility even once!

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Jazzing Up Frozen Pizza

One of my favourite things to do lately is to buy a nice frozen organic, cheese pizza and add my own toppings to make it super yummy! 

Excuse the quality of the picture.  I only had my cell phone available.  But here’s a taste of my latest favourite – spinach, artichoke, and mushroom.  YUMMM!!!  I’ve been using Pizzeria Italiana Organic 4-Cheese pizza as a base.  Only 270 calories for 1/3 of a pizza!  Add the other toppings and you’re at 350.  A lot less cheesy and salty than pizza you’d get at a pizzeria and definitely better for you.

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Healthy Eating While Traveling

This weekend is the North Carolina Music Educators conference and I’ll be away from home for 4 nights. Although the school will pay for my meals, I don’t want to eat out every day and gain back 5 pounds in one weekend! Last year I had the intention of eating well and I brought some things only to find I didn’t have a fridge in my room. This year I called ahead and they said they couldn’t promise a fridge so I did some planning. I bought a bunch of fruit and veggies, have PB&J, got a couple frozen pot pies and burritos, brought cereal (already measured out in tupperware containers since I don’t have bowls here), oatmeal, and organic toaster pastries. My plan was to keep everything in my cooler and keep putting ice in it, but when I asked at the desk today they said they should be able to get me a fridge tomorrow morning, so my plan should work! If I have to eat out once or twice, fine. That’s a whole lot better than for every meal for 4 days!

I also decided to pamper myself. I brought my sea salt and natural oil exfoliant and natural facial and took a bath. I NEVER take baths. Now I feel all oily and soft. It’s so nice! Now I’m going to curl up with a book in the crisp hotel sheets and read a book before going to bed. What a nice treat!

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Fabulous Food Find – Golden Grahams

About a week ago I was craving Golden Grahams. I have not had them in years but they used to be my favourite cereal. I started thinking about all the fake crap that was in them and concluded that I would probably never eat Golden Grahams again. The next day I was walking through Whole Foods when out of the corner of my eye I saw…

It’s better than I remember Golden Grahams ever being and organic! Today when I was shopping I also picked this up…

OMG ORGANIC LUCKY CHARMS! So happy! And the good news is that both of these cereals are about 150 calories for a 1 cup serving. Woohoo! Guilt free breakfast! Sure, the sugar is a little higher than I’d want everyday, but here’s to enjoying those disgusting things from your childhood in the healthiest way possible. And on sale for $2 a bag it’s even better! emoticon

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First Reward Goal Met

145 = New Scarf.  Here’s what I saw this morning.



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